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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Big Chop

It probably wouldn't come as a big surprise to know that I'm not much of a fan of reality TV, but last Monday night, I got seduced. High School Reunion featured a group of people dumped back in a resort in Hawaii ten years after the end of high school. It really did play out like all the stereotype characters of high school, and were conveniently labelled as such in the show (the Wallflower, the Jock, the Drama Queen, the Geek etc.), and in some ways, apart from the plastic surgery, not too dissimilar from a bunch of people in my year. I wasn't too surprised on reading up on it today that they all had to audition, and as per reality tv usual, only the extreme personalities got picked.

The thing that had me hooked was a guy called Lenny, the Geek, and last week he had his long hair all cut off... which obviously strikes a bit of a cord with me, although it's five years since The Big Chop next month. And although there were some superficial similarities, I realised that I really wasn't Lenny. Lenny's main motivation for the big makeover was the implied prospect of some action with blond girls enticing him to get the makeover.

Which got me to thinking that I was really no candidate for this show at all. Basically, all of the pent up resentment on show was stuff I'd worked through in sixth and seventh form. I don't think we'd make a good show, cause we wouldn't be fighting. Actually, it might be mildly entertaining. I'd like to think we're a fun lot. More entertaining might be a reunion of the people in my hall from first year. Now that could be disturbing. I don't think I'd play a big part, but hot damn I'd find it entertaining to be along for the ride.


At Wed Apr 06, 06:06:00 PM GMT+12, Blogger Jessie said...

So I've told you my shameful story already when it comes to halls - which one did you live in? (Forgive me if you've already said :)

I would like a reunion of my standard 4 class. Complete with teacher. That was a cool year.

At Sat Apr 09, 03:59:00 PM GMT+12, Blogger limegreen said...

I didn't really love primary school. However, I'd love an RZ reunion. I was very glad to be part of that outfit for 5 years.

Oh, I went to kn0x...


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