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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Scenes from the Front Line

The time had come for a full blown assault, on the OUSA office no less, attempting to capture Violent Femmes tickets from deep in enemy territory. Having left the relative safety of my office, protected by the maze-like layout of my department, I ventured tentatively round toward the union lawn. I'd adopted an icognito look, hiding behind my evil eyes, but couldn't help breaking into a full grin feeling so out of place. Having extracted my tickets successfully, I managed to fight my way across the union lawn towards the science library.

In the wonderful era of electronic journals, it's not actually often that I have to visit the library, and much less science, as it doesn't carry much that I want. It was like a tomb in there, much in contrast to the burgeoning scene outside. Science still feels like an old school library as well. A very serious atmosphere, brown carpet squares, linoleum on concrete stairwells, dark, dingy, and smells like a stack room. A start contrast to the ultramodern brightly lit vibrant ISB. Paper retrieved, I headed back out into the sun, dodging a few more young uns before getting back safe.


At Tue Feb 22, 09:23:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger Jessie said...

The Science Library! I used to study there!

At Thu Feb 24, 08:58:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger Barry said...

If you look closely, they have the BEST librarians there, at least if the two I know are any sort of representation of the set.


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