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Monday, March 14, 2005

Spurlock without the 'Tache

I can't guarantee it'll be quality television, but while watching a sport we shan't talk about that was being screened free-to-air on Prime for the last four days, I saw an ad for something interesting. Tomorrow, at 8:30pm, is Louis and the Nazis, with Louis Theroux. He's the son of some famous guy, Paul Theroux.

I've seen Louis before in his "weird weekends" series. Basically, he's a nice sort of nondescript guy, who spends a weekend hanging out with odd groups. Sort of participant-observer, but not too heavy on the participant. Like a less participating Morgan Spurlock, and mercifully, without the dodgy 'tache. So Louis's spent a weekend hanging out with swingers, or in the porn industy. Well, tomorrow night, Louis goes and spends some time with some neo-nazis etc. in America. It promises to be somewhat amusing, and will no doubt confirm my liberal prejudices against white extremicists. There's also an added level of squirm-humour that Louis is jewish.


At Thu Mar 17, 11:37:00 AM GMT+13, Anonymous Sas said...

I don't know if it will air in NZ or not but you should definately keep an eye out for John Safran Vs God. It shows on SBS in Oz and is fantastic, you'll definately appreciate the humour. John Safran was raised Jewish also. Anyway check out www.johnsafran.com and www6.sbs.com.au/johnsafranvsgod. He also did a series called John Safran's Music Jamboree www.sbs.com.au/musicjamboree

All very amusing!

At Thu Mar 17, 11:41:00 AM GMT+13, Blogger limegreen said...

I remember the Music Jamboree program... it was on here a few years ago, so I'll look out for the other one.


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