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Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Spa....???!

Yesterday I had my first cause to visit the fuse box. All in all a rather interesting experience. To the best of what I can understand, there are at least 3 fuses which don't appear to actually 'fuse' anything. The labels are also a little comical. "Heating" controls the lounge to several unlabelled fuses.

Perhaps the most mysterious of all was the fuse labelled "spa". It's vaguely possible that this is some sort of cryptic electrician shorthand for "spare". However, none of the other apparently spare fuses are labelled "spare", so I don't see why this one should get special treatment. Further, there was easily enough space to write the "r" and the "e", so why just leave it at "spa" if you meant spare. On the other hand, maybe I've been done out of a spa? And if so, where was it?

On a previous voyage to the ceiling space, I managed to find a power socket up there, which briefly had me wondering whether they'd once been hydroponic activities up there. Unfortunately, given that it was adjacent to the new bathroom extractor unit and other miscellaneous bits, it's more likely to have been put there by the electrician, so that he can have a light/plug in his drill up there....

The plot thickens...


At Tue Apr 05, 12:01:00 PM GMT+12, Blogger Jessie said...

Gives you some options then, maybe ;)

At Tue Apr 05, 01:33:00 PM GMT+12, Blogger limegreen said...

Or would it give you some options if was yours???
heh. welcome back :)


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