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Saturday, March 19, 2005

A Scenic Detour...

After the a pretty nasty patch, the weather has niced up again, and we've been enjoying some more warm sunny days. And I do mention this a bit in defence of Dunedin.

Anyway, one of the actual reasons why I'm back on the weather/Dunedin, is that even though I've lived here for 9 years now, I still occasionally have new and magic and novel experiences, so I feel that there are things that I have yet to experience yet. On Tuesday, I'd been up in Roslyn at Rhubarb sampling some Huia product (and come on, it's not exactly like you need to follow the link to know what kind of "product" I'm referring to). Having finished up there about 8, I decided to walk home seeing as it was such a nice evening, and set off down Highgate. My original plan was to stick with Highgate the whole way, bash down the Bullock Track into the Woodhaugh Gardens, and then up into Opoho the usual ways. Well, not far along from Roslyn, I went down a side street, thinking it would merely take me down to Queen's Drive, and I'd wander down to George St that way. I did get to Queen's Drive eventually, but on the way I stumbled into what can only be described a small rent in the space-time continuum. Or so it seemed. It was like a whole mini-suburb, with contours that seemed like it should exist. Somehow fitting in to what seems when you look up from town like a fairly flat and featureless hill, was a very leafy gentrified area. I guess the crazy thing is that I used to know a girl who lived on one of the streets I was walking along, but that must have been near the bottom, and I'd never ventured further up. And even in all my driving and odd tiki-tours, I'd never come across this area before. Very cool.


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