Take the Scenic Route

Friday, July 14, 2006

Not Not-Chocolate

In a fit of insanity, or at least terrible timing, I bought a car days before I went overseas. Even more conveniently, I bought it pretty much in the Rakaia Gorge. And took it for a test drive through the Rakaia Gorge. Buying a car might seem like an odd, nay sifty, thing to do, but might not come as a surprise to those who know that I also picked my last car out of a paddock up that way.

My car on the left...

Oddly enough, it's pretty much the same car as the one that it replaces, a Toyota Carib. A toyota corolla station-wagon with 4WD. Kind of like a Subaru Legacy, but not so prone to eye-watering repair bills, and rather less thirsty.

Being as busy as I was, driving for 3 and a half hours each direction to do a test drive and purchase was less than averagely genius, but that's just when it happened to arrive. And then there was quite a bit of ground fog, so the driving was hard work as well.

Uncle Dom's wasn't open, so opted for a "cheeseburger" from the chippie. Oddly enough, in Methven, a "burger" may be made from pita bread, and served in tinfoil. Twas good though. Pur-chased gaskranken and V in Timmergroove, and back to Dunedin by midnight.

I took the old one down for a Warrant today, in preparation for selling it. Everything went sweet, but it was a pretty nostalgic drive. Worse, when I was preparing a for-sale poster, I came across this picture.

I've done some awesome and crazy things in that car. It's been places most people wouldn't take their SUVs. It looks pretty cool in the is picture as well...