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Monday, October 02, 2006

Signal Hill Fire II

Errr, so despite the 'day' of the fire being the one day I didn't have my camera at work, I drove past the road cordon on the way back to learn matrix multiplication that evening. The area was so cordoned off that even my old Dundas St flat was beyond 'the pale'.

After a (late) night's successful algebra (and mastering of the the RV Coefficient), there wandered past the mobile command on Alhambra Ground (that's the Opoho one, not the Union Ground on Dundas). Even got right up close to a monsoon bucket. PVC, and with an apparent capacity of 600L

Then, super conviently from my perspective, but maybe not from the fire service's, th a wind change re-flared the fire on Saturday night. This time, Opoho, Logan Park High School, and the Fever Hospital were more at risk. However, it was an extremely social time for the suburb, with everybody joining in to watch...

Nice action shot.

It was also quite amazing the way each helicopter (there were up to 5) had a different loop and different refilling loop.


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