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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Giant Jenga

I deeeear yew to pull one of these sticks out

giant jenga

That's what this old house is sitting on

on truck

This building was where I would have, in theory, written most of my thesis, it having contained my lab for three years. However, due to the power of information technologies, I wrote most of it in my bedroom. I did however spend a lot of time there, mostly doing statistics and staring out the window, watching the kakariki come and go.

It's going walkabout, as I suspect is evident from the truck thrust through its basement. Only about 30m, but to prepare a building platform in case they decide to extend the building behind it. The truck and trailer unit is extremely impressive. Each of the four sets of axles on the trailer are on hydraulic arms that have a range of around 2m, and each wheel can be turned independent of the rest. Thus, although the truck was driving up a hill to pull the house out, the house stayed flat, and the wheels slowly folded and unfolded to keep it that. way.


The hill is not too obvious here, but you can see the way the wheels fold down to keep the house level.


At Sat Dec 17, 03:46:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger MVC said...

The dysfunctional Psyc Dept does love those old houses. I say bulldoze the lot and build a new Hocken, lol


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