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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

... So I've been busy

... And it's spring. And I've been outside. Like you're supposed to when it's sunny.
Although it is true that when I've been inside I have sometimes not been working as hard as I should, sometimes playing space invaders, and as of today, cricket. Goddam flash games. Although the space invaders one also made me download a C-64 emulator the other night, so that I could play Eagle Empire, one of my first games I ever played.

You'll also notice the lack of agency in these statements: that is, they made me. However, as a weird byproduct of that recent event, and arguing in stupid places that I refuse to link to, I've moved a little bit further down the behaviourist/determinist end of the spectrum. Especially with stupid things suggesting that ex-students would determinedly plug their tax cuts savings into their loans.

In fact, the cynic in me is starting to believe that classical liberals are following a fairly well-known psychological phenomenon, that people attribute their own success to internal factors (and their failures to external factors). Thus, because their `will-power' has made them so successful, they think that everyone, no matter what their background, has the power to use their free-will to better themselves. Anyway, you can probably see where this argument is going. And I'm sick of it. So resigned as I am to a lack of free-will, I'm going to return to work, or cricket, whichever my learning history dictates.


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