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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hit the Road, (telephone) Jack...

Before I ramble, I'd like to point out for any one that was interested in 15 minute charge batteries that I was writing about a few weeks back, that they are available for substantially less (e.g., $70 for 4 batteries plus the 4 battery charger) at Placemakers, of all the odd places. I can also report that I'm *extremely* happy with them. I've been using the camera a lot, and I've only recharged them once so far.

So placemaker's eh. (Hmmm, that reminds me of a picture I should take for a future post). A long-running feature of my sunday mornings has been hardware shopping. The buses don't start running early enough on Sundays for L* to take the bus to work, so I drop her, and then end up uptown, dressed, half-awake, half-dazed at 8:30 in the morning. Much as going straight home and back to bed is tempting, it's not really as good as it might seem*.

Thus, I typically end up at the South D. Warehouse perhaps, or go to Woolworths or Pak'n'Slave for wine specials. Heh. The Warehouse is particularly odd at 8:30. Almost completely unlike how it is later in the day, and I think the staff find a) actually having a customer, and b) one there on a mission, somewhat disconcerting. And then on to the hardware stores, to pick up various tools or things I think I need for the weekend's projects.

I'm actually very excited this weekend, as there is sort of a core of things on the top of my to-do list that stay there week after week, while things at the bottom of the list come and go. Yesterday, I managed to finally install a phone jack in the study. Which in some ways is quite odd. After years of flatting, I have at least 3 10m phone extension cords, and multiple double and triple phone plugs. And they're now all redundant. However, it is great not having the cord running down the hall anymore.

* Back in the day, when I was in first year, my now boss used to give a lecture on the paradox that is sleep. That is to say, scientists reckon they have a reasonable idea of why we sleep (effectively because we can't see in the dark so being active is pointless), and we've sort of adapted to the point that some sort of odd maintenance functions might occur while we're asleep (so, perhaps dreaming is memory consolidation) and in some ways our body's have adjusted to the sleeping thing from a rest perspective. And while sleep deficit exists (that is, if you don't sleep, you get tired and need to catch up), you don't actually need to catch up the full amount you've missed at all. I wish work was like that! And then there is the habitful element. That sleep is most satisfying when you get up and go to bed at the same time everyday (which somewhat undermines the idea that there is a certain amount of sleep needed). But I digress...


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