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Sunday, August 07, 2005

I like to cook... II

Not that cooking has been much fun the last few days, but I have at least had time to edit up these pics of my kitchen. Sadly, although there may be a number of bottles of rotted grape-juice in the following photograph, that's back off the menu, and I've been having a fairly liquid diet, revolving a lot around the blender. That is, bits of bread ripped up and soaked in soup, swallowed without chewing; and soggy weetbix. What passes for dinner has been gently fried fish (it flakes it small, swallowable bits), and polenta, which is pre-ground, so also doesn't really need chewing.

It's not the biggest kitchen, and does occasionally lack for benchspace during more elaborate preparations. I'd also disrecommend tiles as a benchtop, as cleaning between them can be a pain (We only made the mistake of kneading dough on the bench *once*; the ceramic cooktop is much more suitable). Although it's not extremely obvious in this photograph. the kitchen is most notable for it's abundance of red surfaces (such as the bench) and mirrors. There are, however, no mirrors on the ceiling.

One of the best things that we've done so far to improve the kitchen is this magnetic knife rack, which keeps all manner of implements very handy. Actually, I'm very impressed by the strength of the magnet. Some of those bigger knives are *quite* heavy. Although that is also what makes them good. A good knife makes chopping fun.


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