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Monday, July 18, 2005


Been shopping for an MP3 player/USB flashkey for L*, and one that has caught our attention has possibly the single best engrish in context I've ever seen.

OK, so it's a 512MB flash memory key that plays MP3s, but apparently it's also:
* The world's first drinkable flash key -- "A strong potable digi-mate for your picky minding"
* "MUSIC DISK ...is able to be powerful file storage with 400 bps/sec file exchange speed for work at day time. When it comes to the night time, just like a super hero, it switches to be a portable entertainment center. Jazz/Lounge relaxes your body and mind. Techno/Trance releases your desire to dance... It offers different emotional adjustment by music playing."

O'Rite Technology Co., Ltd

Seriously, go there and browse round, and find the blooming of warmth in your mind.

A snippet from a different page:
"Someone says, the land in winter, is not fit for the growing of love, but don't forget it ! We can use the energy of the music , irrigate the nursery garden of the love continuously."


At Tue Jul 19, 06:10:00 AM GMT+12, Blogger MVC said...

I have no idea what the going rate for them in Godzone is but I have to recommend the iPod Shuffle. If you get the 512MB version you have plenty of room for music and data as you can regulate how much is used for what purpose. It's Wintel compatible but does requite iTunes to load music onto it.


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