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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Oh how I've missed deadlines. Or not. I knew things were getting relatively dire when I elected to have a small scotch last night. All the silly little liquid and food superstitions I used for my thesis -- no doubt contributors to my thesis gut. Now that I have a mint blender and frozen berries at home, I don't need to midnight mission to countdown for my smoothie fix.
And as I suggested elsewhere recently, my thesis routine was something like this until the dying days:
9am-1pm: multiple plunger coffees at home
1pm-5pm: cheap arse instant at school
5pm-8pm: G&T, wine or beer with dinner
8pm-11pm: a pot or two of tea
11pm-midnight: scotch or port
midnight-2am: hot chocolate
2am-9am: sleep

So yes. Not good to be back in this game. The awful feeling of knowing that the end is not far away, and that there's not much left to do, but struggling with the will to do it.
I'm not planning to pull an all-nighter to night, but I'm not sleeping til I have a full draft...
And for one of my most long-distracting side-projects. Don't even mention how bad the website needs updating....


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