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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Digital Detritus

It's been, like a while. The fickle finger of technology has swung. As noted today, Microsoft's Encarta is dead, and for many people, social networking replaced blogs. Certainly, that explains my absence form here. Things like facebook make it much easier to share experiences and photographs with friends. Hell, I was reminiscing earlier about the days when people made websites to share photos on and stuff on. And actually, I still edited the raw html to make this site how I liked it. That's all expedited these days. It was also funny thinking that I'd taken those photographs with a film camera, scanned them in, and then reduced the resolution so that they wouldn't take too long to load on dial-up.

And so that got me to thinking, will twitter start to supplant facebook, sooner than we all expect? I felt a strange kind of buzz sending my first tweet from my phone. Suddenly able to pass random comment on something I'd seen, and then see a bunch of responses to it when I arrived into the office. And yet, its also nice writing a long rambling introspective post here, despite the fact that no-one may ever read it.


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