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Monday, January 10, 2005


I sometimes feel like I'm being a bit dull, having not ended up with a job far from home. I did have an interview for a job in Cardiff, which would have been pretty cool, but in the end, I'm still in Dunedin, and with a house here, am unlikely to move in the near future.

Thus, I was relieved to read this piece by ex-Critic editor Patrick Crewdson based on the doctoral research of a Lincoln student. She found that on the whole, the "overseas" compononent in the OE was pretty minimal. When I was in London (on my way to fall in love with Cardiff as it happens), my impression was that people were going to work and the gym, then flatting and getting drunk with people they knew from New Zealand. Apart from a lack of space, taking the tube to work, and a weekend in Paris every couple of months, they may as well have been in Ashburton.


At Mon Jan 10, 06:03:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger Barry said...

Well, I must have done my OE completely wrong then. I don't recall actually meeting any Kiwis over there at all, although I did catch up with a few every so often that I knew from back home. In fact, I didn't do any of the things on the "classic" OE experience checklist. Bugger. Can I do it over?

At Mon Jan 10, 09:45:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger limegreen said...

It's never too late to start. I was weirded out when I arrived in London, to find that I had seen more of europe in my 4 week pre-conference holiday than people who'd been living there for more than a year.

At Mon Jan 10, 11:55:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger Jessie said...

I refuse to be one of those people.

At Tue Jan 11, 10:35:00 AM GMT+13, Blogger Marcy Roux said...

www.cardiff.ac.nz? Where exactly is Cardiff again? Somewhere near Ashburton? ;)

I have applied for a job at *www.cardiff.ac.uk* :p

Anyway, I read that newspaper article too. I've ended up far from home *without* a job, I don't generally get drunk, and certainly not intentionally with New Zealanders. So does that count as an OE or not??


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