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Saturday, December 18, 2004

White Elephants

I've almost finished shifting everything into the house, after another carload out of my storage facility this morning. Those readers who have had the misfortune to live with me will probably know what is the last thing up there if I tell them it's very large, heavy, and impractical. Owning a pinball machine is a lot like being given a white elephant in Thailand. I believe in times past, people who had displeased the King were given a white elephant, which being a gift from the King had to be well looked after and cherished [actually I have no idea as to the veridicality of this story]. While looking after a pinball machine is unlikely to make one bankrupt the way a white elephant usually does, they are similarly heavy and awkward, take up a lot of space, do have an element of prestige, and it would seem like a travesty to get rid of the darn thing. The main body of it is about the size of a bathtub, and can just be lifted by two strong adults. Being quite old, there is no electronics whatsover, it's all full of large mechanical electrical relays and switches. I've often wondered if the solution would be to 'bruce' it. That is, not in the usual sense of 'brucing' something, but gifting it to said bruces, who would no doubt do a far better job or restoring and cherishing it than I would. At least I now have a workshop to park it in.


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