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Saturday, December 04, 2004


It's now official. I live in suburbia. I met my first neighbour just before. He has been living in his house ever since it was built. He remembers my house being built. He also has that rather elderly New Zealander (or small town New Zealander) aesthetic of keeping all his plants small and trimmed. I admit I've been having a bit of a hack at a few things. This is partly because it seems that one of the previous owners shared his mentality, and thus planted a few things that grow very large less than a foot from the edge of the path to the house. Thus, you either trim a lot, or you need to take a machete to check the mail. I think I'll replant a little further from the path.

My new neighbour also asked if I was married, further confirming that I was in suburbia. Living with a partner/girlfriend is not so odd down in studentville -- actually being married probably is. He also wondered if I worked nightshift, because my car was there all day. No, I replied, I just choose to walk.


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