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Monday, December 20, 2004


After moving the pinball machine, and various other pieces of physical labour around the house I felt very broken today. I couldn't even sneeze, as every time I tightened my diaphragm I got a stabbing pain in my back. Thus, with L*'s departure for a northern climes christmas this morning, it seemed an opportune moment to make use of my mint bathroom and gas hot water system. I didn't actually buy the house for the bathroom, but it was certainly part of a suite of compelling features. It has a lovely natural wood floor, but very light in colour (perhaps matai or beech?), more reminiscent of scandinavian design than the usual darker hues of rimu. The fittings are all new and stylish. And the gas hot water heating is sooooo good after a year of very forgettable showers (either the 3 minute wonder on a 40L hot water cylinder, or pressure so feeble that it hardly showered more dribbled). Mmmmm, so a rather forgettable red burgundy (pinot noir) and a nice long bath to sooth the aches.

My only current bitterness is why are the hot water pipes not insulated. It's all replumbed within the last year, so why not???? It's like the pitiful state of the building code with respect to insulation. We don't need more power stations, we simply need to keep better hold of the heat we have.... </rant>


At Tue Dec 21, 03:02:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger Jessie said...

Limegreen for President!!!

At Tue Dec 21, 03:05:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger limegreen said...

Do you want to be attorney-general in the new regime? Or would you prefer layabout-general??


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