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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Shopped Out

I'm quietly pleased to have finished my christmas shopping. Actually, I'm quite pleased to have a respite from shopping full stop. As you may have inferred already, I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. I've spent evening browsing junkmail looking for cheap MDF, vacuum cleaners, fridges, DVD players, lawnmowers, rubbish bins, compost bins and so the list goes on[1]. Then to have this abut christmas shopping has meant far far too much time in shops. I've been to each of Briscoes, Mitre 10, and the Warehouse, among others, at least once most weekends.

I also have a bit of a reputation for being grinchy round christmas. It's not that I'm un-predisposed to christmas, just that I hate the consumerism and palaverishness and frenzying and neologising[2] that tends to accompany christmas. Pre-christmas ought to be a lovely and peaceful time (well it is around the university at least). Harumph.

[1] NB -- I haven't bought all of those things, I've just considered buying them.
[2] ahahaha. geek.


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