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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Limegreen's Rough Guide to the Wine Aisle for Christmas

I'd only ever consider buying these at full price if they have 4 stars...
Prices indicate specials rather than full retail, unless they're not usually on special

Queen Adelaide** (drinkable, pay no more than $7)
McWilliams Inheritance** (ditto)
Montana**** (slightly sweeter, lush, aim to pay $11-$12 on special)

Jacob's Creek*** ($9, much more refined than Lindauer)
Morton Estate**** ($18)
Lambrusco**** ($9, a sweetish, choclately sparking red!)

Pinot Gris
Corbans*** (aim for $12 special)
Sacred Hill Whitecliffs*** (ditto)

Burn in hell heathen

Montana** (if you really have to cater to a Chardonnay liker, then this is OK on special, and will probably do the trick)

Ok, so either my palate is changing, or drinkable cheap reds are becoming harder to come by

Villa Maria Cab/Merlot/Shiraz** (or something to that effect, Ok, for around $9)
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet(/Merlot?)*** ($12 on special)
Penfolds Thomas Hyland Cabernet**** ($16 on special)
Graffigna Malbec ($12)

Pretence on a Shoestring

For functions where something a little more interesting/obscure will win you brownie points

Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc**** ($15)
Astrolabe Sauvigon Blanc**** ($19)
Pegasus Bay Riesling**** ($25)
Mt Difficulty Riesling**** ($22)
Ashwood Grove Cabernet Petit Verdot**** (Petit Verdot is part of the traditional Bordeaux blend and features in some of the very pinnacle of NZ reds, ie Stonyridge Larose)
Saddleback Pinot Noir**** (Peregrine's second label, sharply priced $26)


At Wed Dec 22, 01:43:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger Jo Hubris said...

What about Mountain Thunder-Apple/Boysenberry Mix Mulled Wine? $10.95 and it comes in a PLASTIC BOTTLE! Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

At Wed Dec 22, 03:46:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger limegreen said...

I aint had any o that stuff since I was a kid. I don't endorse things I haven't had lately.

At Wed Dec 22, 04:08:00 PM GMT+13, Blogger Jo Hubris said...

Green ginger wine? Passion Pop?


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